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Cornell Cell Biology

Body Donor Program

Thank you for your interest in the advancement of medical education and research. The study of medicine would not be possible without the aid of those conscientious persons who donate their bodies toward the advancement of medical science. Countless individuals everyday enjoy the fullness of health in part through their practicing physician's diligent anatomical study. The well-trained physicians graduated from Joan and Sanford I. Weill Medical College of Cornell University are always mindful and grateful for this gift and acknowledge lasting indebtedness to the anonymous donors.

Please understand that no guarantee can be given that a donation will be accepted, as there are several conditions that could leave a body unsuitable for anatomical examination, the purpose of which is primarily the study of normal human structure. Among other considerations, the cause of death itself or prior embalming or post-mortem examination renders the body unsuitable for anatomical study. If the donation cannot be accepted, responsibility for burial or cremation rests with the executors or next of kin.

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